OM Bhakti Wick for Diya - Cotton Flower Batti 100N

● Natural Desi cotton.
● Standard Size of the tip and the bottom cotton bulb.
● Holds the required amount of ghee in the cotton bulb
● Less traces of ghee in the lamp*.



PACK SIZES – 100 N, 1000N

INGREDIENTS – Natural high fibrous Cotton


Step 1:-

Take one pair of OM Bhakti Cotton Flower Wick (Batti) and place it in the lamp.

Step 2:-

Take Pancha Deepa Oil / Ghee and pour it into the lamp. Ensure that the tip is also wet withthe oil / ghee.

Step 3:-

Now light the lamp at the tip.


A lighted Diya reflects the positive energy that brightens up your life. Just close your eyes,indulge yourself in prayers and feel the positive vibes around you.

OM Bhakti Wick for Diya - Cotton Flower Batti 100N

  • OM Bhakti Cotton Flower Wicks (Batti) is used for daily Puja purposes to light diyas.These Cotton Flower wicks are high performing & prepared with high quality & are prepared with a scientific method using specialized natural cotton for longer diya lighting . The Cotton Flower Wicks (Batti) are of standard size with the tip of the Flower Wicks greater than 1 inch and a standard cotton at the bottom of the Wick Tip. The Cotton Flower Wicks is usually used with ghee for aarti purposes.